As the 2017 season approaches, NFL observers wonder which team will be the next to move from an also-ran to a playoff contender and, ultimately, a Super Bowl team behind its star quarterback.

Atlanta and Matt Ryan last year followed Carolina and Cam Newton. A few years back, it was Seattle and Russell Wilson. In 2017, Oakland or Dallas with Derek Carr and Dak Prescott, respectively, would not shock anybody.

But Tampa Bay and/or Tennessee would qualify as a surprise. And those teams, with Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota leading the way, are my top two candidates to take the next step after 9-7 seasons in 2016.

Gilbert’s 2017 offseason strategy seems to have been something like this: Step 1, buy gun; Step 2, aim gun at foot; Step 3, pull trigger.

Reports that James is frustrated and concerned with the Cavaliers offseason have been trickling out for weeks now, and with good reason. The organization has sent signals to James all summer, none of which have included meaningful changes to bring the Cavs closer to the defending champion Warriors in the coming season.

In fact, James sat back and watched the Warriors dole out large sums (luxury tax included) for their own free agents, Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston. They brought back David West and Zaza Pachulia, showing Texas Rangers Cheap Jerseys appreciation for the contributions those two made last year. They took a chance USA Basketball Cheap Jerseys on NBA vets Nick Young and Omri Casspi, and came up with a potential draft steal, Jordan Bell.

The Cavs added Jose Calderon and Jeff Green, and brought back Kyle Korver.