It was impossible to ignore how much that hung in the air Thursday. As he turned an explanation for how he ended up committing the crimes that put him in prison into a seeming attempt to clear his name and overturn that guilty verdict, Simpson came off like someone selling the idea that he bore no responsibility for anything he’s been through, ever.

“I’m sorry that things turned out the way they did,” he said at one point, once again coming up just a yard short of real accountability.

His comments throughout the hearing went viral and started a coast-to-coast eye-rolling epidemic. “I’ve basically led a conflict-free life.” “I’m a straight shooter.” “I’m a guy who’s always gotten along with everybody.” “I’m a guy who hasn’t lived a criminal life.”

Okafor could benefit from a change of scenery, but Chicago may not be the best fit for his game. The Bulls have been dreadful from the outside offensively, and a post player like Okafor would only clog up the lane for slashers like Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler.

A potential Okafor deal would likely involve a third team as the Bulls won’t be — or at least shouldn’t be — willing to give away valuable draft picks for Okafor and don’t have the kind of players to entice Chicago. CSN Chicago reports there is more interest from the Bulls than Sixers at this point, so this deal could hinge on Chicago coming up with an offer that would change Philly’s mind.

“Chuck made it personal when he said LeBron doesn’t like to compete,” O’Neal told panelist Kenny Smith, referring to Barkley’s initial criticism. “Everybody knows, including you, Kenny, when you win a championship and you lose key players like (Matthew) Dellavedova and (Timofey) Mozgov you have to regroup. That’s Wholesale NFL Jerseys Vancouver Canucks Cheap Jerseys what y’all did in Houston (in 1994-95 after Smith and the Rockets won the championship).”