The Dodgers, led by Bellinger, have been one of the most important stories in baseball this season yet have fallen short of national hysteria. The contributing factors: the rise of Aaron Judge, the surprising struggles of the defending champion Cubs and at least partially, a national obsession with Ball, his summer league performances and his loud-mouth dad.

At the same time most of these summer league games are happening, the Dodgers are dominating opponents in meaningful regular season games. So does that mean the Dodgers are bothered by the constant attention in their own city about a guy who hasn’t yet played a professional minute?

“It’s fine,” said Dodgers all-star shortstop Corey Seager. “Lonzo is gonna be a great player. I don’t think anyone on our team really wants to soak up the glory. We’re going out there, competing and trying to bring home a championship is all anybody is really worried about. Nobody is being selfish. That’s what’s great about our clubhouse. Nobody wants to be in the spotlight, but someone ends up being in it every night.”

The pick is lottery protected in 2018, 2019 and 2020, and as of now, the Nets, Bulls, Suns and 76ers are teams with enough cap space to take on Aldrich’s contract without sending a player back.

From here, the Timberwolves have options. They could offer the Hawks a sign-and-trade for Millsap, sending Gorgui Dieng’s four year, $64 million contract to Atlanta in exchange. They could also renounce their rights to restricted free agent Shabazz Muhammad, making him an unrestricted free agent. Doing so frees the team of his $7.6 million cap hold and could create more than $16 million in cap space for this summer, but is an undesirable Cheap Online Jerseys option, given his potential as a spark plug off the bench.

Whichever route Minnesota chooses, it will still be able to round out the roster Cheap Pro Jerseys with the $4.328 room mid-level exception and whatever cap space it has left.