Month: September 2017

What they didn’t have was dependable shooting and veteran ballast.

Richaun Holmes is a stretch big with enormous offensive potential and Robert Covington is already one of the best wing defenders in the league. Nik Stauskas and T.J. McConnell look like solid rotation players, and Timothe Luwawu now has a season under his belt.

Perhaps Justin Anderson can get his career back on track, and hope springs eternal for Jahlil Okafor, who is still young, tall, and skilled. Even before Redick and Johnson signed, the Sixers could go 11-deep with young talent.

Redick provides both for the tidy sum of $23 million. Signing with the Sixers was a canny move for Redick, who cashes in a one-time super bonus for an NBA life well-lived. Every team could use Redick, so his skill set figures to be in demand for the next several years. He can continue journeying from team to team or settle down with one of the league’s most promising young cores. Those are not bad options to have at this stage of his career.

How many of the other 11 owners who bought their teams before the year 2000 will be tempted to lock in that profit by selling soon?

How many of the owners who bought on discount before, during, or just after the 2011 lockout will be interested in unloading their teams at huge profits?

In a league where the Warriors look something like a dynasty, is it fun for Pera to sign the checks in Memphis or Gores to keep house in Detroit? Does Harris have his own process to trust in Philly where he might flip a distressed asset after recovering its value? Have the Kings lost their Cheap Knock Off Jerseys luster for Vivek Ranadive? Is Prokhorov at all invested in the Nets’ recovery to come?

Finding out who thinks the NBA has growth still to Cheap Kids Baseball Jerseys come and who is ready to sell high will be fascinating to watch over the next couple of years.

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That’s what happens on the court.

Culturally speaking, Z-Bo is integral to Grit ’N Grind, associated with the identity more closely than anyone but T.A., the Grindfather himself. The Grindhouse will remain, but without Randolph in the building the identity will be slightly diminished.

It’s like the ’90s Lakers in a qualitative, metaphorical sense. They still played wild with Nick Van Exel instead of Magic Johnson, and the courtside celebrities hung around. But they Cheap Jerseys Paypal Payment just weren’t Showtime anymore. Gasol and Conley will keep the candle lit, but the flame is flickering.

Memphis will be OK — Fizdale is choice, those two stars are studs, and Parsons isn’t a completely lost cause yet. The Grizzlies will keep making the playoffs, and Chris Wallace has shown the acumen needed to transition once Gasol crosses past his prime and slows down.

Z-Bo, likewise, will be fine, and that’s wonderful. It was never guaranteed for him. Memphis was the best thing to happen to his career, and in turn he was a mighty big positive for the Grizzlies. Sometimes Cheap Jerseys Rugby in this league, good happens. We’re lucky we got to watch it all work out for Memphis and for Z-Bo.

Riley and the Heat leveraged Waiters and a breakout season from James Johnson to rebuild on the fly. While Waiters missed much of the loss-heavy early portion of the season, Miami went 26-17 in games he started — the equivalent of a 50-win team. This team, if healthy, is legit.

Waiters should be back in the NBA playoffs in 2018, this time as a centerpiece instead of an afterthought. If you’ve ever enjoyed a good joke at his expense, now is a good time to recognize that Waiters bet on himself and won. His overwhelming belief in himself gave us the funny moments, but it also gave Waiters the success he’s rolling in now.

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