It just took us honestly a few days to understand where he’s going to hit the hole and what he’s looking for, Packers center Corey Linsley said. Being in communication with him, telling him and giving him advice, he’s been very receptive to that.

The biggest thing is communication, all the time. Letting him know what we’re doing up front and him being able to adjust his vision or plan off that.

But even when the play design, his blocking or his own vision fails him, Montgomery is elusive enough to make defenders miss in the backfield. He rarely loses yards on rushing attempts.

Roger Goodell is in Kansas City for Sunday night’s AFC divisional playoff game between the Steelers and Chiefs. If the NFL commissioner wants to watch the winner in the AFC championship game next weekend (and if he doesn’t want to return to Atlanta for the NFC title game), he’ll have to go to Foxborough.

Goodell was tight with Patriots owner Robert Kraft, but that’s up for debate after Goodell, after more than a year of ham-handedness, suspended Tom Brady four games for Deflategate (never mind the Pats went 3-1 in that span this season). Put it this way: It wouldn’t be a shock if the owner’s suite is closed to the commish.

Just before halftime: probably too early to say game over, especially knowing Aaron Rodgers’ capabilities. But Julio Jones’ receiving touchdown with three seconds to play in the first half felt like an early dagger, especially since it came after a dropped interception in the end zone. Jones’ five-yard grab capped a nine-play drive after Rodgers’ interception, and the Falcons made it look easy. The Packers were Cheap Dog Jerseys in Cheap Eagles Jerseys big trouble going into the break. 24-0, Falcons.