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NFL Chief Medical Officer says marijuana research ‘really important’ for pain treatment

NFL Chief Medical Officer Allen Sills thinks it’s really important for the league to research marijuana as a potential way to treat pain among its players.

Allen Sills — hired in March as the league’s first CMO — said in a Wednesday interview with The Washington Post the league still has a lot to learn about marijuana’s use as a pain medication.

Cowherd said it was a difficult call.

I don’t think Odell’s productivity translates necessarily to wins, said Cowherd. He is easily the most fascinating New York sports figure by a mile. Aaron Judge is second and he’s a baseball player.

Whitlock did not agree.

You’ve fallen for the okeydoke, said Whitlock. Odell Beckham Jr. is the most overhyped, overrated player — and he is a great player but he is overrated. And his celebrity is completely overrated. You put him and Carmelo Anthony in the same room and watch what happens. It ain’t even close. If Odell, not for the blonde hair, people wouldn’t even know who the hell Odell Beckham Jr. is.

Carr: We kind of finish each other’s sentences. We just have discussions. There’s decisions I make out there, whether it’s checking a play here or there, and he says, What if you would have went here? What if you would have done this? It just makes me think. He’s always making me think. That way when we hit the Cheap Fishing Jerseys games, I put us in the best possible situations.

We as an offense are doing some really good things. But at the same time, we see little things where it’s like, Man, if we would have done that a little bit better, it would have been a great day. As Cheap Gaa Jerseys long as we can continue to every day take a step and not make that same mistake, we’re gonna be good.

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James Harden not planning to rest despite wrist injury

Every single NBA player has to rest. There is no controversy in that. But resting in a regular-season game when fans have paid good money to see them play; that’s when the arguments begin.

Arguments amongst players, coaches, media and fans reach deafening highs right around this time of year as the season winds down and playoff spots are locked up.

That’s where the Rockets and MVP candidate James Harden sit right now. With six games remaining in the season, Harden is nursing a wrist injury and now is faced with the question: to sit, or not to sit?

Westbrook also became the first player in NBA history to record multiple six-game triple-double streaks in a season.

The Thunder still have six games remaining before the postseason. Barring injury, Westbrook will almost certainly break the record.

LeBron James and Paul George turned in a duel for the ages in a 135-130 double-overtime Cavaliers win. James finished with 41 points, 16 rebounds and 11 assists in 52 minutes of action. George, meanwhile, poured in 43 points with nine rebounds and nine assists.

It’s the first time in James’ career that he’s had at least 40 points, 15 rebounds and 10 assists in a game. It was his fourth career 40-point triple-double.

The Bucks may have lost 109-105 to the Mavericks, but Giannis Antetokounmpo scored 31 points with 15 rebounds and nine assists to give Milwaukee fans something to cheer about.

Jimmy Butler continued his fine form by scoring 39 points with six rebounds and Cheap Gaa Jerseys five assists in a 117-110 win over the Pelicans. The Bulls (38-39) are seventh in the Eastern Conference standings.

Jazz guard Rodney Hood, who was stifled by the Spurs’ vaunted defense, was able to score just five points on 2 of 9 shooting with two assists and one rebound in 27 minutes of action in a Cheap Football Jerseys 109-103 loss.

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