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There are only 12 players allowed on each All-Star team.

Since Irving is under contract for two more seasons, technically speaking there’s nothing forcing the Cavaliers from keeping Kyrie. But given that leaks have specifically singled out LeBron as the reason Irving wants to leave, it would seem highly unlikely Cleveland would be comfortable bringing him back for an awkward reunion without some sort of major sitdown between the pair. As such, you’d expect the Cavs to pull off a trade before training camp begins in late September.

LeBron has a no-trade clause, meaning he can veto any trade Cleveland proposes. The weird mix of his value, his contract situation (including the no-trade clause), and the extant likelihood he wants to remain in Cleveland makes it basically impossible to find a proper trade.

Here, read this piece I wrote during the NBA Finals about what a maddening riddle Irving’s career has become. The bit about LeBron’s barbershop comments takes on new life with Irving’s trade request.

There are only 12 players allowed on each All-Star team. That’s just the way it is.

The West All-Star starters are on rinse and repeat for the next three years. Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and one of either James Harden or Russell Westbrook will headline the team, with the final slot going to Anthony Davis or another deserving West big.

That’s 21 players competing for 12 slots, and we don’t even know which middling Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Western Conference player is going to have a breakout season yet.

It’ll be equally difficult picking East All-Stars, though. Why? Well, fewer Cheap NFL Jerseys China players will be as deserving.
The East lost three All-Stars (George, Butler, Millsap) and only recouped one (Hayward). If Carmelo Anthony has his way, he’ll be traded to the Rockets — though he could wind up in Cleveland if the Knicks buy his contract out. Even if he stays in the East, Father Time is undefeated, and Anthony is a player on the wrong side of 30.

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Fan who chucked beer can from upper deck banned from MLB games for year

Last year, a dingus in Toronto threw a beer at Baltimore Orioles outfielder Hyun-soo Kim in the seventh inning of the American League Wild Card Game. We would like to update you on this dingus. It turns out that he was given a conditional discharge, partially because of articles like this calling him a dingus.

According to the Globe and Mail, Ken Pagan was required to perform 100 hours of community service, banned from all Major League Baseball games for a year, and ordered to stay away from Rogers Centre. His conditional discharge had a lot to do with the punishment he has already received in the court of public opinion.

“He no longer enjoys the relative anonymity that most of us do,” said Smith. “He’s become known … as the beer can guy.”

Pagan has become the butt of jokes and been subjected to online harassment, Smith added.
I would like to think that the ellipsis in the first sentence has nothing to do with omitted words, but was instead a dramatic pause.

Josh Jackson, who was just drafted by the Phoenix Suns in the first round of the NBA draft, got to throw the first pitch for the Diamondbacks. The pitch was off. Way off.

To be fair, Jackson was also throwing the first pitch with fellow draftee Hasson Reddick. With another person cramping his space and what’s essentially two catchers, you can’t blame him for messing up the way he did.

But someone who did play baseball was David Ortiz. He had his number retired by Cheap Moto X Jerseys the Red Sox and threw a first pitch as well. And his pitch wasn’t all that great either, even though Cheap NFL Jerseys China he played the sport. But Ortiz was a DH, so we’ll let it slide.

What do you think? Who had a worse time on the mound?

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