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Jimmy Garoppolo is the NFL’s new richest man after signing a five-year deal Thursday worth up to $137.5 million and at least $74 million guaranteed.

Garoppolo, who was traded to the 49ers from the Patriots this season, helped lead the Niners to five straight wins to close out the season. He completed 67.4 percent of his passes with seven touchdowns during his six games with San Francisco.

“I know it wasn’t a super long time, but we felt like we had a grasp for his talent and that was confirmed when he got here,” Lynch said at the press conference.

Garoppolo had a great mentor in Tom Brady while backing up the five-time Super Bowl winner. The new 49ers signal-caller said he learned a few things from Brady during his time in New England.

“I think his love for the game, obviously, is a big part of it, and I clearly have that,” Garoppolo said. “So the way he prepares, that was one thing I picked up from him, just being around him for 3 1/2 years. It makes the difference. And week in and week out, to be mentally tough enough to do that and physically tough enough to survive the games, it’s all that coming together, really.”

While some have knocked players for participating in these events because it’s not “real football,” it is not a coincidence that the new generation of running backs is better prepared to step into roles as hybrids due to extensive experience playing 7v7 as youth and high school players.

With four rookies helping guide their teams into the postseason due to their contributions as hybrid playmakers, you can rest assured that more teams are going to look for running backs with pass-catching capabilities. With that NFL Jerseys Paypal in mind, I would encourage any aspiring running back who wants to be a part of the renaissance to spend his developmental years honing his game as a pass Cheap NFL Jerseys Nike catcher on 7v7 teams.

The 5-2 Chiefs, led by a gunslinging Smith never before seen and rookie running back Kareem Hunt, looked like the class of the league at 5-0. But dangerous Andy Reid gets five of his last nine games at home, and a pair of road games against the Giants and Jets.

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Colon was a lottery ticket for the Braves from the beginning

Maybe Colon hasn’t been told yet. Maybe Father Time will delay that dreaded visit. Some pitchers have been successful well past 44, even after it appeared they might be done. Nolan Ryan pitched until he was 46; Phil Niekro until he was 48, to name two. But they were unique. Ryan worked out obsessively and took excellent care of his body. Niekro stuck around because the knuckleball didn’t put much strain on his arm. And, oh yeah, both were Hall of Fame talents.

Colon was a lottery ticket for the Braves from the beginning, a “you never know,” relatively low-stakes gamble. The gamble didn’t pay off.

The team granted him his latest start as a courtesy, hoping that the three weeks off would help Colon, as he did with the Mets the past two season, continue to defy age and body type and be a productive member Cheap NFL Jerseys Nike of a starting rotation. It wasn’t meant to be.

But it’s not surprising that Colon believes he can still pitch Cheap New York Giants Jerseys at the big-league level. Competitors always want to compete — and believe they can compete — even when their bodies just won’t allow them to be effective anymore. Colon wasn’t effective for the Braves. Wednesday’s outing swelled his ERA to 8.14 and his WHIP to 1.78. It was the fourth time in his past seven outings that he allowed six earned runs or more, and was his third straight outing in which he failed to make it past the fourth inning.

Why he’s here: Like Dallas Keuchel in 2016, Porcello has been a huge disappointment the year after winning the AL Cy Young Award. Even if he wasn’t expected to match last year’s achievements, few could have seen such a major drop in production for Porcello, who hasn’t been able to fool anyone this season. His teammate David Price could’ve taken this spot, too.

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P.K. Subban gets props from the Blue Jays during game vs. Cardinals

Fresh off advancing in the NHL Playoffs, P.K. Subban was in St. Louis on Thursday taking in a baseball game — featuring his home town Maple Leafs. Naturally he got the props he deserves.

Russell Martin picked Subban out in a sea of red, despite P.K. blending into his surroundings in a red coat.

Game respect game. Honestly though, let’s take a second to appreciate how many L’s Montreal has taken this week. Subban’s team advances, the Canadiens get eliminated from the playoffs the same season they trades Subban, now the Jays are giving him props while he enjoys some time off.

Granted, Toronto was eliminated too — but that’s beside the point.

The Spurs could just as well win the next two games, move on this series, and pretend like it was never close at all. But the way Memphis won on Thursday, it feels like they are going to give the Spurs trouble for three or four more games, even if they ultimately lose.

It happened sort of how we expected. San Antonio has a wide range of contributors, but no one that could contain Zach Randolph on Thursday. He scored 21 points while Marc Gasol added 21 more. The slow-paced game came down to sparkling execution, and Memphis’ five turnovers and 51 percent shooting carried them while San Antonio just wasn’t as sharp. The other hero was Mike Conley, who lit up for 24 points.

Can the Grizzlies really expect to beat San Antonio? Well … probably not. But Baseball Jerseys Custom hey, if it’s going to happen, it has to start here. More likely, it feels like their best case scenario is to win the final two home games before falling in a Game 7 in San Antonio. The Spurs may Cheap NFL Jerseys Nike not have played poorly, but they certainly fell short of their exceptional expectations, and the level of play they consistently delivered throughout this season as they locked up the No. 2 seed.

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