It’s a shame that, once again, the Penguins and Capitals series is not the Eastern Conference Final. Sure, the winner of this series is likely to go to the Stanley Cup Final, but it should be for all of the marbles instead of wasting away in the playoff’s most boring round.

You know the story. Sidney Crosby vs. Alex Ovechkin. Braden Holtby vs. Marc-Andre Fleury. Evgeni Malkin vs. Nicklas Backstrom. The Capitals are deeper but the Penguins have Washington’s number.

The time seems to be now for the Capitals, but they’ll have to best their biggest Design Cheap Jerseys Online challenge first. Let’s break down Game 1, shall we?

“As a wide receiver, first and foremost, I think I’m tough, both physically and mentally,” Hansen says. “I think the physical attribute that I bring to the table or to any NFL team that drafts me is my ability to catch balls, really. My hands. I think my ability to win the 50/50 ball is the best in this class this year, and I think that’s something that will really help me at the next level.”

“I would definitely say the reason I win the 50/50 balls is my competitiveness, and I think that carries over to every aspect of football, and I think that my competitiveness is probably one of the best in this draft,” he adds. “I think that’s really something that separates me and my will to win. But I think, as a purely football aspect of it, the mental part of the game — I think that I am really good at doing that.”