The Seattle Seahawks released Trevone Boykin on Tuesday amid an ongoing investigation into domestic violence accusations made against the quarterback.

Police in Mansfield, Texas, said Boykin is under investigation for aggravated assault resulting in serious bodily injury and that the victim had a prior relationship with him.

The former TCU quarterback has been arrested multiple times since leaving college. He was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor public intoxication and marijuana possession after he was a passenger in a car crash that injured several people in Dallas last March. That arrest led to another arrest in April 2017 for violation of the terms of his probation.

He was sentenced to probation in June 2016 following his arrest in December 2015 on misdemeanor assault and resisting arrest charges for allegedly striking a patrol officer after a bar fight. Boykin pleaded no contest to the resisting arrest charge and avoided jail time.

Boykin, 24, has appeared in five games with the Seahawks since joining the team as an undrafted free agent in 2016.

One thing that was raised to us is you might have some state laws that conflict with federal laws, which will make it really complicated. What the league is trying to do in preparation for it is figure out how to maintain the integrity of the game, because that’s the most important thing on many, many fronts. And so they’re beginning their work on that.

It was explained to me, by several owners, that going in and trying to monetize traditional betting on a point spread would be a low-margin business for the NFL. So while the NBA made waves by saying it’ll seek 1 percent of all basketball-related bets, its football counterpart is more likely to play it conservative there. If the NBA succeeds Well, then the NFL will play copycat. Really, as a couple owners I talked to see it, there’s no reason for the NFL to take the lead in this area, just as it didn’t see the need to be the first put down stakes in Las Vegas. Let someone else do it first, then decide.

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